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Meet The CEO

Hello Gainz Gang,

Welcome to Pretty Peach Gainz! my name is Raheem and I started my business journey back in 2013 where I started selling Jamaican Peritols on eBay. a lot of my customers now remember me from my eBay days. I started off mailing the supplements in a small clear bag (Like the ones they sell them out of in Jamaica in the Pharmacy) and brown USPS mailers. I remember having to write out the orders individually and walk to the local USPS office in my area at the times multiple times a week. This time I didn’t have a name or even a logo when I started it wasn't supposed to a “business” and having a “Brand” was never on my mind. While I was in Jamaica one year while researching “How to get a bigger butt?” on Google and this supplement came up! I got back to the United States and started taking the supplement instantly my butt, hips, and thigh got bigger! it was one of the fastest working supplements I’ve taken at that time (I tried maca root powder, butt volume lotion, and a whole bunch of other products.) the supplement worked so fast and I got to my goal so quickly I had so many tablets left so people were purchasing them from me and that’s how it all started! As I'm writing this introduction blog my business is growing, I'm thinking about new ways of improving my business, and just living life to the fullest. I have a few things rolling out in the next couple of months so stay tune!

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