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Peritol pills are used to increase appetite of a person. These pills are extremely useful for those who would like to gain weight but have problems to do so or for people who desire to gain weight in the hips, butt, and thigh area.

The pills are made in Budapest, Hungary and one of the country's primary suppliers is in Jamaica.


Peritols became popular in Jamaica after the chicken pills (made for rapid chicken growth) were being alternatively ingested by Jamaican women to grow their butts, thighs, hips, and breasts got banned.


The Jamaican government and the Chicken pill manufacturers deemed the use of chicken pills in humans as unsafe and started manufacturing the powder form instead of the pills. Chicken pills got scarce and Jamaican females found that Peritols had a similar effect on their body, so it was used as a substitute for chicken pills. Peritols were safer, and were made for humans and it did basically the same job but promoted the fat in feminine areas such as breast, hips, and butt in a shorter space of time.

The fame of Peritols spread and it became known worldwide as “Jamaican Peritols”.

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