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Take pills twice daily with a meal. It is best to wash the pill down with milk or a milk-like drink, ex. Ensure, protein shake, etc. rather than water/jui

  1. 1 pill in the morning alongside breakfast and/or ensure plus. If you forget to take in the morning, you can double the dosage at night.

    •  Breakfast is optional, but the more calories intake, the faster you’ll gain weight.

    • 1 pill at night alongside dinner and/or ensure plus.


Diet Plan for Weight Gain:

  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

  • 2 Ensure Plus a day.

    • Please note: Ensure plus is OPTIONAL to take (you do not have to buy it). However, it helps with weight gain and to boost calories intake without having to consume a lot of food.

    • Available: CVS, Walgreens, BJ’s and your local supermarkets.


Example Detailed Diet Plan: This is just an illustration of what your diet should look like, you can always customize to your likings. You do not have to follow this plan. But, be sure to take your Peritols 2x a day.

  • Morning (7am-10am)

    • Breakfast with some sort of protein. 

      • Example:  2 boiled eggs alongside toasted white bread and butter.

    • 1 Peritol pill

    • 1 ensure plus  


Side effects:

  • Drowsiness 




Please note: Many persons do not see a drastic change in weight in one week. Results start to show in about 2-3 weeks, depending on your consistency. Please do not take while pregnant. Fun fact: drinking Ensure Plus will help speed up the process. 

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