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Q: How Do Jamaican Peritols Work?

A: This supplement works by helping increase your appetite. Peritols will work on the fat around the butt and lower hip and thigh areas. This will cause your butt to gain inches. Peritols will add fat evenly all over for other persons. also promoting the fat in feminine areas such as your breast and hips.


Q: How Fast Do Jamaican Peritols Work?

A: Everyone's body is different so it honestly depends on the person taking the supplement. Many people see results within the first and second week of taking Jamaican peritols. 


Q: How Should I Take Jamaican Peritols?

A: For maximum results take Jamaican peritols with juice or water. For beginners taking this supplement take 1 pill before bed for approximately one week so your body can adjust to the supplement.


Q: Are Jamaican Peritols Safe?

A: Yes, Jamaican Peritols are 100% Safe, Natural, Effective, and Legal.


Q: What Is In Jamaican Peritols?

A: The ingredient in a Jamaican Peritol pill is Cyproheptadine. Cyproheptadine stimulates appetite and leads to fast weight gain. This active ingredient is also found in known products such as Apetamin and Tres-Orix Forte.


Q: Are There Any Side Effects While Taking Jamaican Peritols?

A: Increased Appetite, You will start feeling hungry than usual, just eat, the weight will go in all the right areas. ;) For drowsiness- It’s best if you take Peritols before bed. I'v